2016 and Spring is on it’s way!

Well, it’s now 2016 and the growing season here has already begun. We are planning some changes and getting ready for the upcoming year. You may have noticed that we have finally updated the website a bit! We also have finished our CSA brochures and they are available for download. It is also now possibleContinue reading “2016 and Spring is on it’s way!”

September 8th CSA Newsletter

Lots more heat and humidity and, finally, the rain.  We’ve been needing it here as carrots, beets and other crops in our un-irrigated lower field have barely grown in a week.  Hopefully they don’t explode from this drenching!  With the rain and cooler weather coming, we hope to round out our season with some niceContinue reading “September 8th CSA Newsletter”

September 1st CSA Newsletter

September already?  Yes indeed, and just a heads up that we are in the final weeks of our CSA.  Four more to go after this week, plus, there will be an extra box/bag/basket of winter goodies to take home after the final share is picked up.  September 29th (Tues.), 30th (Wed) and October 2nd (Friday)Continue reading “September 1st CSA Newsletter”

August 25th CSA Newsletter

Despite the continuing days of heat, I have noticed a change in the weather.  I can feel it at night and in my bones and I know summer is beginning it’s decline.  The gardens are showing it too, as the fall squash, potatoes, onions and Brussels sprouts begin to ripen.  Corn is coming too, butContinue reading “August 25th CSA Newsletter”

August 18th CSA Newsletter

This week we are deep into the summer vegetables, so folks will get a lot of choices as you “shop” for your CSA.  We have made sure everyone gets two nice heads of garlic and a bunch of carrots.  Otherwise, choose from: Lettuce (either salad mix or head) Summer squash and Zucchini Cucumbers Cabbage TomatoesContinue reading “August 18th CSA Newsletter”