August 11th CSA Newsletter

It rained all through harvest today.  That meant hauling in piles of muddy veggies to the wash station, where the real magic happened:  all that mud was triple-washed away to reveal the red, yellow, white, purple, tan, orange and green of this week’s bounty.  It sure made up for being soaked to the skin! NewContinue reading “August 11th CSA Newsletter”

July 28th CSA Newsletter

Summer bounty is upon us at last!  Tomatoes are ripening in our hoop houses, and you will see more squash and cucumbers peppering your CSA shares this week.  Many things like beans (four varieties!), carrots, tomatoes and potatoes are almost ready.  Now is the time for quick summer meals with piles of assorted veggies, eitherContinue reading “July 28th CSA Newsletter”

June 14th CSA Newsletter

Things are buzzing along here at the farm as new crops are ready and the heat really starts to come on.  This week we have these gorgeous, candy-striped “Chioggia” beets.  An heirloom, these brightly-colored beets are sweet when roasted, boiled or grated for a raw salad. You can also eat the greens!  Also new thisContinue reading “June 14th CSA Newsletter”

July 7th CSA Newsletter

CRAZY GOOD FOOD!  Everything is the gardens here is growing madly–including the weeds!  At last week’s farmer’s market, a woman asked why I didn’t have beet greens.  Her question was simple enough, but her look said, “how on God’s green earth can you have no beet greens in July?!”  I felt guilty.  At least, aContinue reading “July 7th CSA Newsletter”

June 30th CSA Newsletter

The consistent rain lately has not been all bad, bringing with it some of the best salad weather ever.  Greens are happy, tender and sweet, and their gorgeous variety of textures and colors ensures that salad will never be boring!  This week, we are delighted to share the “Nancy” butterhead bibb.  The butterhead has thick,Continue reading “June 30th CSA Newsletter”

June 24th CSA Newsletter

Greens!  They are coming on in so many varieties and colors now, and we are so happy to have them. This week in your share: Pac Choi  (similar to bok choy, but greener and smaller) Head Lettuce (red or green) Garlic Scapes French Breakfast/Gloriette Radishes Salad Mix Herbs (parsley and/or basil) Flowers:  I’ve added SweetContinue reading “June 24th CSA Newsletter”