In the Heart of the Northeast Kingdom

Members of Jess’s family have lived and worked on Wilder Farm for over 200 years. For several generations, it was a dairy farm and a well-known breeder of Milking Shorthorn cattle.  We want to continue the Simpson family legacy of hard work and stewardship of the land.


For the past nine years, we’ve tried our hand at a laundry list of ventures: CSA, Farmer’s Markets, Pastured Chickens, Eggs, Goat Milk and Dried Beans. We’ve settled on what we love to do: Growing amazingly tasty, healthy produce for ourselves and our neighbors. 

Our produce is grown using organic and sustainable practices that increase soil fertility and decrease soil disturbance. Some of the practices we employ are:

  • cover crop rotation
  • organic fertilizers and potting soil
  • no-till intensive growing
  • integrated pest management.

We enjoy our commitment to growing delicious, healthy food for ourselves and our community, as well as offering educational opportunities for area students.  We look forward to another great year of growth, health and community!

-Jess Simpson, Justin Krause, Wilson, Ben, Gracie and RayRay

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