Thank you for letting us grow for you!

Our roadside stand is now closed for the season.  We are grateful for all of you who stopped by this summer and fall, as well as folks who pre-ordered. 

We were pleased to be able to serve the Peacham community through the Peacham Farmer’s Market on-line platform. 

Another venture we were able to begin this year was a wholesale co-op with Burke Area Farmers (Firefly Farm, Trenchers Farmhouse, Sutton Hollow Homestead, Crooked Sapling Farm).  We made 20 weekly deliveries to several area business, including:

  • Chandler Pond Farm
  • Trencher’s Farmhouse VT
  • Two Tamales foodtruck
  • The Inn at Burklyn

Finally, we were very pleased to be able to provide veggies for the food-insecure in our community through two grant programs:  Faith-In-Action in Lyndonville and meals from Auntie Dee Dee’s for the SASH program. 

We look forward to seeing you all in the spring!  Take care of yourselves this winter.  Eat well, get fresh air and sunshine, and look for the joy wherever you can.

Fondly, Jess, Justin, Wilson and Ben


Questions?  Please contact us at or call (802)535-1101. 
Jess & Justin








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