Our roadside stand will be open until mid October.  Our hours are Thurs.–Sat, 10:00–7pm.  Our stand runs on the honor system, and there is a lock box inside to deposit your cash or check.  For health and safety reasons, there will be a few changes at our stand: 

  • No change jar!  Please bring exact change or write a check.
  • Limit groups to two people at a time, and if there is someone else in the stand, please wait until they have finished before entering.
  • Touch only the produce that you take.
  • Masks are encouraged.
  • We encourage you to BRING YOUR OWN BAGS!

PRE-ORDER AND PICK UP WILL CONTINUE THROUGH OCTOBER:  Tues., Thurs. and Sat., 10am-7pm (Please indicate your preferred pick-up time on the order form).  “FARM DOLLARS” CREDIT IS ALSO AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE, MAKING STOPPING BY THE STAND QUICK AND EASY!

You can access the order form through our website and email, place your order and choose a pick up date and time.  You can also order by phone/text if necessary.  Orders can be placed up until 7pm the night before.

Our farmstand is located at Simpson Drive, Lyndonville, VT



HOW FARM DOLLARS WORKS:  “Farm Dollars” credit can be purchased ahead of time and applied to your on-line orders and farmstand purchases through the season.  Purchase $100 Farm Dollars and receive $110 in credit.  $50 Farm Dollars buys $55 in credit. Add more credit as needed.  Make a note of your purchases in the log book, and you will receive an email of your remaining balance.

Fill out the order form * HERE * and click the “Submit” button.  You will then be sent an invoice via email for your order.  For now, it is cash or check only, which you can drop off when you arrive to pick up your order.  Please bring exact change!!

Questions?  Please contact us at wilderfarm1809@gmail.com or call (802)535-1101. 
Jess & Justin








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