Bursting at the seams


Too many trays are crammed under the grow lights in our living room and in the small seeding greenhouse Justin’s grandmother left to us.  We are bursting at the seams with plant starts, waiting for the right weather to transplant broccoli, asian greens, onions and kale.  At the same time, we need to empty the trays to start later vegetables, like squash, cucumbers and more seedings of lettuce, which we will continue to start and transplant all through the season.

This juggling act is not for everyone, I know.  Many farmers scale up to a larger, heated seeding greenhouse with wooden trays of soil blocks (plastic-free cubes of soil made with a “soil blocker” tool.)  Maybe we will someday.  For now, we recycle cast-off cell trays and pack as much as we can in the space we have.  The need to reclaim trays and grow light space requires us to be on the ball and get those starts in the ground.  I’m off to do that right now…



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