CSA Newsletter–June 13–15, 2017


Welcome members to the start of a great season!  After a crazy cool spring and the heat spell that followed, we might be settling in to our growing season at last.  We have almost everything planted, as well as succession crops of more radishes, carrots, lettuces, broccoli and beets.  You will notice that our CSA will start out a little light, but it will catch up soon enough!  

This week, enjoy some spring treats for a fresh salad or stir fry.  Members will receive:  salad mix, baby kale, radishes, scallions and salad turnips

There is a great link from Driftless Organics with information and recipes for all sorts of CSA vegetables.  Here is the link for Salad Turnips: https://www.driftlessorganics.com/csa-2/recipes/salad-turnips/

Salad Turnips are spring or fall turnips that can be eaten fresh, like a radish, or sliced and stir fried.  Sweet and tender, these little roots are good either way, and their greens can be cooked as well (much like other turnip greens).

The baby kale can also be eaten raw or cooked.  This early, tender kale is especially good in a “massaged” kale salad. 

Enjoy your veggies and the sunshine that comes with them, and thanks again for supporting our farm!  –Jess, Justin and family





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